How To Make: Spiral Leaf Wall Decor

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How To Make: Spiral Leaf Wreath

Below provides some steps on how to make your own DIY spiral leaf wreath wall decor. Please use caution when doing any DIY project to prevent injury or accidents. This is a general guide and it is up to the project maker and/or instructor to exercise safety measures when assembling or using any materials for the projects. Thank you!


Suggested Materials:

The materials listed below are what was used for this tutorial. Choice of using the material ideas below depends on how you prefer to create the finished project. For example, glue dots or double sided adhesive squares might work best while others may want to use glue sticks or hot glue instead.

Basic Instructions With Pictures:

1) Glue a starter leaf shape onto the hoop at a slight diagonal position.


 2) Flip hoop around so the glued portion is facing down. Start alternating the remaining leaf shapes and glue on top of each other. It helps when alternating colors to slightly rotate the hoop while working.


3) Once finished the leaf wreath should show a spiral style pattern.

4) If desired to fill in the center hole region, add a DIY rosette design. The tutorial on how to make a DIY paper rosette can be found here.