How To Make: DIY Paper Rose

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How To Make: DIY Paper Rose

Below provides some steps on how to make your own DIY Paper Rose. Please use caution when doing any DIY project to prevent injury or accidents. This is a general guide and it is up to the project maker and/or instructor to exercise safety measures when assembling or using any materials for the projects. Thank you!


Suggested Materials:

The materials listed below are what was used for this tutorial. Choice of using the material ideas below depends on how you prefer to create the finished project. For example, glue dots or double sided adhesive squares might work best while others may want to use glue sticks or hot glue instead.

  • DIY Paper Rose Kits (multiple colors available)
  • Hot Glue or Glue Dots
  • Tool For Curling Petals (example: toothpick, lollipop stick, small pencil).

Basic Instructions With Pictures:

1) Fold each petal shape upward or downward and curl the petal edges. A larger tool to use such a pencil will make wider curling and a smaller tool like a toothpick will make tighter petal curls. Keep the template sizes in order from largest to smallest.




 2) Starting with the largest shape on bottom, stack and glue on top of each other in an alternating directions (largest to smallest). Continue until the smallest size is on top. Some prefer using a glue stick during these steps while other have found permanent glue dots work well also. If you don't have all the petals overlapping the same direction the rose can look more defined with the end result.


3) Glue leaf shapes onto the backside of the rose wherever desired.


4) The DIY Paper Rose should now be complete and can also be created in a variety of sizes and colors.