How To Make: Coffee Filter Leaf

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How To Make: Coffee Filter Leaf

Below provides some steps on how to make your own DIY coffee filter leaf. Please use caution when doing any DIY project to prevent injury or accidents. This is a general guide and it is up to the project maker and/or instructor to exercise safety measures when assembling or using any materials for the projects. Thank you!


Suggested Materials:

The materials listed below are what was used for this tutorial. Choice of using the material ideas below depends on how you prefer to create the finished project.

  • 5" Leaf Shapes
  • Scissors
  • Coffee Filters
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Wax paper or water-proof protective covering for surface
  • Food Coloring
  • Water
  • Little Containers or Bowl
  • Gloves to prevent coloring on hands or fingers

Basic Instructions With Pictures:

1) Trace leaf shape onto coffee filter and cut out the shape.



2) Place wax paper or protective water-proof covering over the work area. This next part you can try two different routes.

1: Mix a few drops of food coloring into containers of water. Dip and dab onto the coffee filter with a paint brush. This will provide more of a little color diffusion finish.


2: Lightly wet coffee filter leaf with water & paint brush. Then drop a few drops of food coloring directly onto the coffee filter leaf shape. Use a few extra drops of water if wanting the color to diffuse a bit more. This will create a bit stronger & vibrant color.

    1     1

    2     2


3) Gently move leafs onto a clean sheet of wax paper or clean area of the protective covering and let sit until dry.