How To Make: DIY Centerpiece

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How To Make: DIY Centerpiece

Pirate Ship Centerpiece

Below provides some basic steps on how to make your own DIY centerpiece for a party, event or special occasions. Please use caution when doing any DIY project to prevent injury or accidents. This is a general guide and it is up to the project maker and/or instructor to exercise safety measures when assembling or using any materials for the creation of projects. Thank you!


Suggested Materials:

Some materials below might or might not be needed. Choice of using the material ideas below depends on how you prefer to create the finished project. For example, an ocean style centerpiece you might not use fake moss to embellish the base component.

  • Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue w/ Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Dot Runner or Tape Runner
  • Toothpicks
  • Wood Craft Dowels and/or White Lollipop Sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative Shred
  • Fake Moss
  • Cotton Balls
  • Gems
  • Foam Base and/or Other Containers (example: mason jars/ candle holders)
  • Any other safe to use material that you feel might be a good addition

    Basic Instructions With Pictures:

    1) Carefully glue together any two-piece layered shapes with glue sticks or an adhesive runner. If using glue sticks, there is a higher chance of getting glue onto fingers or surrounding surfaces. Make sure to clean off any adhesive that might get on you or surfaces and use protective style coverings if needed.

    2) Carefully hot glue toothpicks, dowels or sticks onto the back side of shapes and let dry. Do NOT touch glue when hot to help prevent injury. Depending on which stick height you use will determine how high up it will sit when placing them onto the base stand. For example, if you want grass shapes to be near the bottom of the stand then a toothpick might work best. If you want a moon to sit up high above the base stand, then a long dowels might be a better option.

    3) Decorate the outside portion of the base stand. For example, we covered foam bases with ribbon by wrapping it around and gluing it to the foam shape.

    4) After the hot glue has dried, take the stick assembled shapes and place into or onto the base stand. Use your imagination here as to where shapes should be placed onto of the stand.

    5) Use additional materials to fill the center of the centerpiece. Cotton balls could be used as clouds, decorative shred to represent ocean waves or fake moss for a grassy theme. Whichever material you find or feel is best fit for the final touches.

    Additional DIY centerpiece designs that include only the cardstock shapes can be located in our DIY Projects section of the shop. Our DIY centerpiece kits currently do not include bases, sticks or other embellishment materials. This is so that customers can create the base stand that best fits there needs as well as keeping product and shipping costs lower for the customer.