Decorative Jars

Decorative jars that can be used as centerpiece jars, advice note jars, wrapped candy jars, pencil jars, flower jars, money jars or for additional projects and decorations. Browse through our die cut shapes and gift tag shapes if looking for a way to further embellish the jars for your event or theme.
These handcrafted and hand painted jars have no two that are 100% identical. They are finished off with a seal coating to help prevent any paint chipping, smudging and making them water-proof. Hand wash only. Handle glass jar carefully to prevent injury.
More varieties will be added as they become available. Due to the process of hand-crafting and curing these decorative jars, it can take up to a week for additional varieties to be added. Please check back on occasion as the same exact jar can not be 100% duplicated, so once it is sold there won't be another exactly the same.